How Do Ride Apps Work?

Introduction The roads have started to cramp up with a number of vehicles. People going to and from offices, vehicles to schools and other individual vehicles are seen packed on the roads at anytime of the day. It takes hours to travel from a short distance to anywhere in the city. The discomfort one experiences during driving cannot be accounted for. Hence people look for other options like ride apps who offer to take you to places for a fee. These apps are quite helpful in a way that they make us free from the long torture of driving and also lessen the number of individual vehicles on the road through share options on their site. Women and children can travel safely without hanging around in buses or having to argue for fair charge in a taxi or auto uber first ride free. The rates are calculated based on kilometres and hence a fair price is paid for the travel.

How do these apps work?


To begin with one has to have the app downloaded on the smartphone. Create an account by signing in with your mobile number and password. At the time of your travel all apps work the same. You need to input your location with the help of GPS coordinates.  Giving your destination point is mandatory to continue further. Though there are some apps that work without the destination.

At this point you are able to view the vehicles nearest to you in minutes. The nearest vehicle is dispatched according to GPS. However, in some apps the drivers need to accept the ride put forward by you. This can be seen as a drawback. Since the drivers are able to view the destination and when it is a shorter distance they are not willing to accept the ride even though you can see a number of vehicles in the same area.

Once a ride is accepted you can see the details of the driver including the rating, the vehicle number and the type of car their driving. Call options are also available. (Input any code that you have at this point) You can also monitor the movement of the vehicle and know where exactly it has reached. When the vehicle has arrived you will receive a message. To start the ride you need to provide the OTP on your screen to pair the ride which will help anyone to track the ride. At your destination the ride is completed and the fare will appear on the screen.

Promocodes, offer codes and credits Anything free is always welcome. The ride apps pull customers towards them with this one strategy this is after all the way they make money. Getting people to try a new service by offering it free will attract many.

As everyone would like to give it a try and when it is free why not? They offer promo codes i.e. first time users get a free ride and many other offers pop up from time to time if you are a regular customer.

Other codes include rides at a lower fare between particular dates, mainly during festivals and other public holidays. The codes need to be put once the cab is booked and before the ride starts. If the ride has started the codes become invalid. So do not forget to input the code before starting the ride.
Another way of acquiring credits is by referring a friend. You can refer the ride app to someone and offer your referral code. They enter this code and get their first ride free and you get credits in the ride app. These credits can be later used by you during a ride instead of paying cash.


Ride apps are a boon to us as they take us any place without any hassle of waiting for public transports, getting charged with high fares. They help women and children travel safely and independently. Men too can take advantage of this after a drink or two at a party. They need to just rest their heads back and they’ll reach their homes without bothering about police checks, drunken driving accidents. The boon can also become a bane in rare cases when passengers are kidnapped or ladies are ill treated. Though this happens in the rarest of cases it is always better to be on the safer side and inform someone while you travel alone and share your ride details so that they can track you in any unforeseen circumstances.

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