Our Goal

Like everyone our goal is to get you where you need to go at a not so exuberant fare. We expect the number of vehicles on the roads to reduce and thus create a traffic free zone all over. People should be able to reach their destination in the accounted time rather than spend hours sitting in traffic. A lot of the office goers are seen to be having their breakfast or doing their office work in their vehicles to pass away the time. Years back leaving for work or shopping were done in a matter of seconds, while now we need to keep in mind the time we will spend in the traffic jam and hence leave earlier than usual. Let us list down our goals one by one:

Convenience – We look forward to making the lives of people easy and comfortable by taking them where they need to go.

Safety and security
- The safety and security of our passengers come first. We are ready to go one step further to put forth a smile on the passengers face.

Lesser vehicles lesser pollution – We need to make this world a better place to live in not only for us but also the future generation. The increase in vehicles has simultaneously increased the pollution from vehicles. By using our ride apps we can cut down this toxic waste by thousands.

Save money and fuel – Using our services can save a lot of money and fuel. A carpool takes in people riding in the same direction. This way you can save money by sharing the ride instead of paying full and travelling alone. Fuel is also saved. We hope our tries to make people mingle and socialize will work out. Transporting people is not only our goal. We are hoping that during the little travels using our share app we can help passengers make new friends and socialize.